The booklist costs for 2021-2022 academic year have now been finalised.

You can pay for your books online through Aladdin App or click for online payments.  Cash payments are no longer accepted due to NPHET Guidelines.

€100: Senior Infants, 1st class, 2nd class

€120: 3rd class, 4th class, 5th class, 6th class,

€110: Birch class,

€100: Holly & Hawthorn Class

Please note Booklists are subject to change due to NPHET/DES Guidelines, however there will be NO INCREASE in fees for families. 

We kindly ask that ALL CHILDREN have:

  1. A SMALL School Bag, that will hold a lunch box & personal hygiene bag. This bag will hang at the back of their chair.
  2. A small reuseable bag to use as a personal hygiene bag.
  3. Face cloth, tissues, small hand-sanitizer for personal hygiene bag. (Parents/guardians are asked to was face cloths daily – as will be used as personal hand-towels)

By purchasing these items we can minimise the risk of cross-contamination in school. Thank you for your support

Booklists Costs 2021/2021 School Year

Junior Infants €100 Click here
Senior Infants €100 Click here
1st Class €100 Click here
2nd Class €100 Click here
3rd Class €120 Click here
4th Class €120 Click here
5th Class €120 Click here
6th Class €120 Click here
Hawthorn/Holly class €100 Click here
Birch class €110 Click here

Please pay booklist fees to the school no later than Friday, 20th of August 2021.

This will ensure books can be ordered and labelled for your child and will be in your child’s class for their first day back in school.

We ask that all payments are made online via the Aladdin App. Click on Money & Pay Now to see the fees outstanding for your child.

You can pay directly into the school bank account using the following Iban: IE20AIBK93251562359023. Please ensure to use your child’s name as a reference so we know who the payment is from.

Parents/guardians can pay in instalments. Please email Helena at and arrangements can be made

A receipt will be issued via Aladdin for all payments received.

Powerstown ETNS endeavours to minimise the cost of books to parents as much as possible. We only charge you the full price for books that the children write in and keep. The school purchase all other books and  “rent” them to children. This is a huge expense on the school

Please note that children WILL NOT RECEIVE SCHOOL BOOKS unless payment/instalment agreement HAS BEEN MADE.

Don’t forget, as your child will have completed an academic year in June 2021, he/she will move to the next most senior class in August 2021.

Class this year Class in August 2021
Pre school Junior Infants
Junior Infants Senior Infants
Senior Infants 1st class
1st class 2nd class
2nd class 3rd class
3rd class 4th class
4th class 5th class
5th class 6th class


School tracksuits can be ordered and collected from the office.

Tracksuit €45
School Crests €4 / 3 crests for €10


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