Distance Learning @PETNS

We hope you are keeping well and safe during this unprecedented & challenging time.

Our main priority is the health and well-being of our school community, and we, as a staff want to support you & your child(ren) in any way we can. This is a time of stress and anxiety for many households. I do not want school work to be part of that stress. This is a global pandemic. It is important that we keep everything in perspective!

With school closures to extend until at least the 19th of April, we have evaluated your questionnaires and staff skills and we have put a sustainable plan in place, to support your child’s learning.

Over the next few weeks, we will be be introducing:

  • E-platform: Google Classrooms 

  • Independent Reading Programme: Reading Eggs

  • Independent Maths Programme: Mangahigh


  • Junior Infants

  • Senior Infants

  • 1st class

  • 2nd class

  • 3rd class

  • 4th class

  • 5th class

  • 6th class

  • Birch Class

  • Holly & Hawthorn Class

We appreciate not all families have access to the internet and children may not have their own devices. With this in mind, all class teachers will be sharing daily “non-screen time activities” for the duration of the school closure.

We also acknowledge that your schedules and timetables all differ, therefore the assigned activities can be completed at a time and pace that suit your family circumstances.

Your health, safety and well-being is our priority. If circumstances do not allow for you to complete activities, for whatever reason, please contact me (principal@powerstownet.com) in confidence or your class teacher. We touch base regularly with you, to ensure you feel supported. 

We, as a staff are still adjusting to “distance learning.” We are trying to find our feet (through many trials & errors) & move forward in a way that best supports our school community. We appreciate your support and your feedback on how we can best support you. 

We will be making a range of videos & slideshows to assist you access 

  • Google Classrooms

  • Reading Eggs

  • Managahigh

We all know “distance-learning” is extremely challenging at primary level, especially at the junior end of the school!  There is no “one shoe fits all” approach possible. You are your child’s primary educator. It is your right and your choice to decide if / when your child engages in work assigned by the teacher. We are all aware that we are in the middle of a Global Pandemic. At this moment in time school work is nothing to stress or feel guilty about. 

Many of our parents are also working from home. Distance learning for pupils and working from home is HUGELY challenging. Priority is your job, your income, your livelihood. As a mom of 3 children I know how busy it is! Engaging your child in some activities may be possible, but make it work for you. Please don’t make “school work” another stress in your household.

Many of our families also have children with additional needs. The break in routine and structure of school can be so challenging for these parents. The added anxiety of this emergency situation on some children can be very difficult to manage. We just want you to know we are here to support you in any way we can. 

Needless to say, we want to do right by our school community. 

I am on email regularly. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.

Look after yourselves and each other. 

Stay safe

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