Part 1. School lunch

PTA has approached a few companies looking for information on their service and found Lunch Bag (part of Fresh Today) which seems to be very promising as they support healthy eating and green environment. Please see our summary below and visit their website for further information.

Lunch comes in a compostable packaging except for bought goods (babybel, bottled yogurt, etc), at a price of €1.90/day or €9.50/week for a 3-piece option. The company has its own application that can be downloaded to the phone and used by parents who can order lunch until 12pm the previous day. Parents pay via the app directly to the company and will have the option to select the classroom of the child.

Company has vegan and vegetarian options and menu can be adapted to reflect school’s healthy eating and allergy policies. They also have measurements in place for Covid-19.

If parents are interested, the school will get in touch with the company to organise set up and schedule which will include placing a cooler box in each classroom to store the individual packs until break time.

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Part 2. Photos  

Winter Fair will not be possible this year due to Covid-19 restrictions. This is one of the school’s biggest events during the year and kids are really looking forward to this. 2020 has been very unusual and put a lot of pressure on families and children as well.

Even though Winter Fair is cancelled, PTA has been thinking that we can still have a tiny bit of Christmas magic before the end of the term by going ahead with the photo shoot that is usually part of the Winter Fair. Photos would be taken by either a volunteer parent or a member of the staff with Covid-19 measurement in place.

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Part 3. Traffic Management       

As previously advised, PTA has established a committee to deal with traffic issues. The committee this week had a meeting with Gailscoil and another one for committee members to start working on an action plan to alleviate the traffic. They would like to receive some parent’s feedback so they can move forward with their work.  

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