For the past few months 6th class have been working on a project called the Junior Entrepreneur Programme and for this programme they have decided to make their own Slime and Stress Balls. Tomorrow, 23rd March they will be selling the Slime/Stress Balls in the hall at home time. The Slime will be sold for €3 and the Stress Balls will be sold for €1.50. Please if your child would like to buy Slime or a Stress Ball, please bring in the money needed.
Thank you for your support.
**Updated 23rd March 2018 *** Due to huge demand, extra orders were taken on March 23rd. Children will be continuing to develop their production line over the coming weeks. They will set up a stall and continue to sell Slime and Stress Balls during the week of April 9th! Thanks for supporting the great work in 6th class



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