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Next Meeting: JANUARY 

DATE & TIME TBC – By Parent/Guardian Poll

Email will be sent out to parents to vote on suitable date & time.

December Meeting Minutes

Hi All,

Please find attached the meeting minutes from the last PTA.

If anyone of you are free for a quick photograph of members of the PTA during the Winter Fair please make yourself known to Teodora who will be manning the Art Exhibition stand at the fair.
We are hoping to get a photo of the PTA at 2:00pm, it’s good opportunity to promote our growing PTA amongst other parents in the school.

There will be a google poll sent out in the New Year to decide the next date of the next PTA meeting.

I hope to see you there.

Kind regards,



PTA Agenda Powerstown ETNS




4/12/2017 @6.30pm


Hi parents,

According to our google poll the next feasible date for a meeting is next Monday, December 4th at 6:30pm. We will meet in Anita’s junior infant room, Chestnut class on the ground floor of the school. Please let any other interested parents you may know, aware of the meeting to help our PTA grow.

Our meeting agenda is attached below.
I hope to see you all there then.Kind regards,

PTA Agenda 4Dec17



Dear PTA

As per our meeting minutes we require your decision on what date to host our next PTA meeting. Please select an appropriate date below. Hopefully we can find one date that suits the majority.

Click here for poll



Dear all,

Please find attached the minutes from our PTA meeting last week.

Please note the ‘action person’ column for the role you have requested to assist with in the Winter Fair. I will shortly send out a google poll to decide upon the next PTA meeting date. It was decided in the meeting that we have another evening date to suit the majority of attendees at the last meeting.

Please contact the school for letter for raffle prizes which is to be used when approaching local businesses for prizes. Many thanks for your continued support with this. The raffle is an integral part of the Winter Fair.

Thank you all for you attendance, it was great to see the PTA numbers grow! Don’t forget our coffee mornings are every Friday in the parents room in the afternoon.

Kind regards,







january pta

Thanks to everyone who came to our PTA meeting on Tuesday December 6th @7pm.

Our Next Meeting is on Monday, January 30th @7pm. 

We would love to see some new faces. New members are always welcome!

Please find minutes from December’s meeting below. Agenda will be posted shortly.

Download (PDF, 444KB)


December PTA

Thanks to everyone who came to our PTA meeting on Tuesday November 16th @7pm.  

Our Next Meeting is on Tuesday December 6th @7pm. 

We would love to see some new faces. New members are always welcome!

Please find minutes from November’s meeting below. Agenda will be posted shortly. 

Download (PDF, 156KB)


pta november


Next PTA meeting is Tuesday November 15th @7pm in Ash Room.


Click here for the agenda for November’s meeting.

Click here for minutes from October’s Meeting.




Our first PTA meeting for 2016/2017 school year will take place at 7pm on Tuesday 11/10/2016 in the school. ALL parents/guardians are welcome to attend.

We hope to elect our committee members and roles at this meeting. If you are interested in becoming a committee member, please sign up here

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 11th at 7pm.

Thea, Maeve & PTA


P.T.A. AGM Minutes

Thank you to all parents who attended our recent PTA Annual General Meeting on 4/10/2016. Please find minutes below for your perusal.

Download (PDF, 560KB)




PTA_AGM_v2 Parent Teacher Association Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) is on Tuesday, 4th of October 2016 at 8.30am in the school.

All parents & guardians are strongly encouraged to attend.

At this meeting there will be two main items:

  • The PTA 2015-2016 events and fundraising report
  • The election of the new PTA committee for 2016-2017.  Each year a new committee is elected from the parent body.  This committee runs until the next AGM in September 2017.

If you are interested in getting involved in the school community more via the new PTA Committee please attend on the morning or fill in the form at the bottom of this page in order to put yourself forward for the PTA committee.

If you have any questions about the roles or process you can email Maeve on  For more information on the PTA Committee and roles you can read this document from the National Parents Council <<click here>>



Download (PDF, 457KB)




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Parent Representative from each class

The PTA are hoping to enlist at least one parent (maximum of 2) from every class to the PTA to help communicate with all parents’ in their child’s class. The school are sending out an electronic form, text message and email to look for representatives from each class. If more than two parents put their names forward, will will put a lottery system in place. If you are interested, please speak to Ann in office, Carina from PTA or fill in electronic form here

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Parents have a weekly coffee morning on a Friday @ 8.30am. All parents are welcome to attend.

During these mornings we chat over coffee and treats.

Children and toddlers are welcome to come too!

We hope to see you there soon.



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Create a Multicultural Library: Ongoing


The PTA have decided that one of the priorities for fundraising and for the school community is to develop a Multicultural Library in the school. Fundraising initiatives will support this but parents and community members are key to making this a success. You may have some of the items we are looking for at home, or you may be able to pick up some items on your travels or holidays. 

We are looking for:

  • Children’s books in different languages
  • Bi-lingual books – books in English & another language
  • Books about different countries / cultures
  • Books about different religions

 We are in the process of drafting a wish list and will post it shortly

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The Parent Teacher Association 

Who are the Parents’ Association?  WE ARE!!!!

Every parent/guardian is part of the Parents Association.

PETNS has a vibrant and energetic Parents’ Association. Each new year brings new energy and new blood.

We would like to introduce all parents to our Parents Teacher Association for the 2015/2016 School Year. 

Our PTA are very active within our school and encourage all parents to get involved as much as they can. They encourage regular use of our parents room and initiate many activities throughout the school year. PTA regularly leave messages for parents on noticeboard and blackboard outside, & on school website and newsletter.

The picture to the left is the cohert of our PTA. We have many other members who are actively involved in the PTA, but did not make the photo shoot!


Chairperson: Carina

Treasurer: Mareth

Secretary: Maeve



 maeve website picture (1)

  • Chairperson: Carina Ewertowski

  • Secretary: Maeve Collopy

  • Treasurer: Mareth Magrath

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Role & Function of the Parent Teachers’ Association

Our two main aims are described under Sections A and B:

Section A:

  • To help the school achieve its aims in any way we can – providing the best education possible for all our children
  • To liaise with the Principal and the teaching staff
  • To represent the views of parents and to provide a forum for consultation with the Principal on relevant issues
  • To provide support for parents especially new arrivals in the school

Section B:

  • To provide practical help when required in the school e.g. policy formation
  • To facilitate social opportunities for parents at school-based meetings
  • To help the school/BoM financially when suitable opportunities arise

What are we not about?

  • Decision making and management issues in the school
  • Professional issues re. teaching and learning
  • A channel for/about complaints for other parents

Particular roles within the PTA: Teacher Rep, Chairperson, Secretary. Treasurer,  Fundraising Initiator, Religious Instruction Organiser,  sub groups.

The Chairperson

There are two basic jobs the Chairperson should do:

a) Guide the PTA to achieve its aims

b) Chair the meetings of the PTA

Some of the duties of the Chairperson are as follows:

  • Liaise with the Secretary/Clerk on the agenda and meeting arrangements.
  • Welcome members and introduce guests.
  • Ensure fair discussion and that everyone gets a chance to have their say.
  • Stop anyone taking over or dominating discussions.
  • Get through the agenda on time.
  • Sum up issues, points and decisions.
  • Ensure decisions are carried out.
  • Work with the Treasurer to ensure that proper financial accounts are prepared for meetings, including the Annual General Meeting.

The Secretary

The Secretary plays an important role in supporting communication between PTA members themselves and between the Parent Forum and the PTA. It is important that the PTA agrees how members of the Parent Forum can get in touch with the Secretary and that these arrangements are well publicised so that all parents know how to make contact.

Some of the duties of the Secretary are to:

  • Make arrangements for meetings and prepare an agenda in consultation with the Chairperson.
  • Send a notice of the meeting, venue and agenda to all PTA members so that they will receive them in good time for the meeting. Agendas should be sent out for all meetings even if they are held at the same time and place each month.
  • Keep a record of everyone attending the meeting and any apologies for absence.
  • Let PTA members know about all correspondence received and report any action taken since last meeting.
  • Take a minute of meetings, recording decisions and actions to be taken and by whom. This can be a task that is shared amongst members of the PTA to allow the Secretary to participate in discussions.
  • Provide minutes for all PTA members prior to or at meetings.

The Treasurer

Every PTA that intends to raise money should make sure a Treasurer is appointed to handle the money coming in and going out of the group. The Treasurer is responsible for the proper handling of the finances of the PTA, but not the actual raising of money.

The tasks of the Treasurer include:

  • Having a clear and accurate book-keeping system that records any money received and how the money is spent.
  • Maintaining the bank account. It is good financial practice to require two out of three of the Officers’ signatures on cheques to allow any money to be withdrawn or spent.
  • Producing a report for each meeting stating money paid into, or out of, the account since the last meeting.
  • Advise on the amount of money available for the group’s work and warn of excess expenditure.
  • Prior to the PTA Annual General Meeting (AGM) the Treasurer should arrange for the year’s accounts to be independently checked and agreed with the Chair.
  • The Treasurer should present the audited financial statement at the AGM and answer any questions on the accounts.

Role of the teacher representative

The teacher representative, will always attend Parent Teacher Association meetings and be there to give encouragement and guidance.

The teacher representative

  • Will keep the PTA informed on what is happening in the school and what plans there are for development and improvement
  • Can support the involvement of pupils in the activities of the PTA and make the links to learning and the curriculum
  • Can provide opportunities for parents to join in school activities and plan with the PTA how this can happen
  • Will work alongside the PTA to help you support the school
  • Provides a link with other staff in the school and the authority.

Fundraising Initiator

Every PTA that intends to raise money should have a fundraising initiator and/or team.  As we are a new and developing school, we are trying to build and progress our school resources. Department grants are limited and therefore so are the funds to purchase beneficial educational equipment and resources throughout the school year.

The tasks of the Fundraising initiator/team include:

  • Set overall aims/goals of how much you want to raise in the year.
  • Discuss and decide on possible fundraising events.
  • Organise approximately four major fundraisers during the year (one a term). Example of fundraisers include the car boot sale and the Christmas fair.
  • Discuss and decide in what ways you would like to spend money raised within the school – in conjunction with teacher representative

Religious Instruction Organiser/Team

As we are an Educate Together school, all religion classes are taught outside of school. It is the duty of the religious instruction team/individual to assist parents in the organisation of religious education outside of school time

The tasks of the Fundraising initiator/team include:

  • Discussion with parents on what religious instruction is required for pupils in the school.
  • Organise (instigate the organisation of) a teacher or qualified person to provide religious instruction to pupils.
  • Link with community members and/or religious organisations in relation to religious festivals and sacraments.


It may be useful to have some sub-groups of the PTA to carry out some specific tasks. If you are setting up sub-groups these should be given a clear remit with someone taking responsibility for organising the group and reporting back to the PTA. Some of the tasks you may consider allocating to sub-groups

might include:

  • Planning social events for parents, children and staff
  • Communicating with parents which might include a newsletter
  • Working with staff on new approaches to learning and teaching and how parents can be involved
  • Links with the community.

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