Afterschoolclub registration will take place next week starting Monday 11th December. All clubs will run for 10 weeks and will cost €40 (dates can be found below). 

Details of each available club can also be found below and by following the sign up link for each. 

Please note: 

  • All enquiries, payments and bookings are to be made directly to the club instructor
  • All payments are to be made in cash – please find details of how to pay below
  • Updates and changes to club schedules will be sent to you via email by the club instructor
  • Clubs will only run if there are a sufficient number of pupils interested
  • Clubs are open to children in all classes – please check age group eligibility 
  • Places are based on the order of receipt of payment – If your child’s payment is received in time you will receive an email from the club instructor to confirm their place
  • For your child to join a club you must pay and complete the relevant google form sign up survey linked below
  • Clubs from junior and senior infants will run from 1.10 – 2.00pm. Clubs for children from 1st – 6th class will run from 2.10 – 3.00pm’

If your child would like to join one of the clubs – please send the payment as cash to school in an envelope – labelled with the club name, the club teacher’s name and your child’s name and class name into their class teacher. Your child’s class teacher will then pass it on to the club teacher.

Schedule – Each Week Starting…

  1. 8th January (first week back)
  2. 15th January
  3. 22nd January
  4. 29th January
  5. 6th February (School Closed on Monday – no clubs)

12th February – Mid-term Break

  1. 19th February
  2. 26th February
  3. 4th March
  4. 11th March
  5. 19th March (School Closed on Monday – no clubs)

18th March – Make up Missed Week
(Monday none/Friday none)

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