Moving Buildings:


When: Wednesday August 22nd

Time: 10:30am

As you know we are moving into the two storey premises on our campus on the Powerstown Road. This is due to our rapid expansion and our need for more space! Our new building will have 8 classrooms, a staff room, principal’s office, secretary’s office, resource rooms, learning support rooms, EAL rooms & a parents’ room.

As the department are not funding our move – WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need as many volunteers as we can get. We have 2 vans organised and a trailer to move furniture. However we require two teams of people: Team 1 to remove the furniture from our current building & Team 2 to take furniture from the vans into our new building.

We need to get all furniture and supplies moved on Wednesday 22nd. Your help would be grately appreciated. Thanks 🙂


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