Parents and guardians, the Board of Management kindly ask that you supervise your children after school hours and ensure, when on the school campus that they are safe and interacting appropriately with others and school property.

We have received numerous complaints of school property being damaged (writing on walls, sand tray and play toys being damaged, trees and plants being damaged and uprooted etc). Parents, we have a fantastic new campus. We having amazing plans to develop outdoor learning opportunities for our pupils. To ensure the good upkeep of our campus and the longevity of  our resources, please supervise your children and ensure they are interacting respectfully and safely with school property,

We also have reports from bus drivers and other parents, of children running out, unsupervised onto the drop off area. This is extremely dangerous and is putting children’s safety at risk. To ensure the safety of your children, please supervise them at all times. Under no circumstances should children be on the road. When crossing the road, please use pedestrian crossings.  

There have been reports of children playing with manholes at the back of the school. This is dangerous and is putting children’s safety at risk. If you see a health and safety risk on the school grounds, please notify the office immediately so we can address the problem. Please do not allow your child to engage in activities whereby he/she could be injured. 

Please remember that classes are operational until 2.10pm. It is very difficult for children to learn and teachers to teach if there is excessive noise coming from outside their class windows. Please respect the teaching and learning of pupils from 8.30am until 2.10pm daily and encourage children to use appropriate voices.




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