2017-11-22-20-42-49-We are delighted to inform you that all classes will be participating in Drumming Around the World workshop.

Workshops will take place on Friday 17th & 24th of November.

Workshop Description

Team-taught to two facilitators,Drumming Around the Worldcombines dynamic live demonstrations with a variety of fun and fascinating activities, offering participants an enjoyable and positive introduction to music and rhythm in a multicultural context, as well as ‘hands-on’ experience with a wide range of percussion instruments. The instruments used and introduced in this workshop can include bodhráns, congas, bongos, djembes, tambourines, cymbals, agogos, cowbells, triangles, woodblocks, claves, shakers and sleighbells.

Come and join us on this multicultural musical adventure, exploring drums, drumming and rhythms from around the world! We’ll make a whistle stop tour of the globe, starting here with Ireland’s very own bodhrán, the heartbeat of Irish traditional music, and will go on to explore rhythms and percussion instruments from such diverse cultures as West Africa, the Caribbean, South America, the USA, Japan and China. So bring your ears, eyes and lots of energy – and we’ll see what fascinating experiences lie ahead!

Teachers, who are asked to participate, will be provided afterwards with suggested follow-up activities for classroom use.



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