February Learn Together Update



Monthly Theme: Thinking Time (Philosophy)/Friendship

Strands: Moral and Spiritual; Equality and Justice

Strand Units: Cultivating Spiritual Growth; Activating Equality through positive Action


Noticeboard Rota: Holly & Hawthorn (downstairs) and Birch (upstairs)


Assembly Rota:

February Friday 2nd* Moral and Spiritual Friendship

Thinking Time

Chestnut Lime
Friday 9th Hawthorn & Holly Hazel
Friday 16th Mid-Term Break n/a n/a
Friday 23rd     Willow Birch


Main Religious calendar events

14th – Lent Begins     

15th– Nirvana Day -Buddhism  


World Events: 

13th: Pancake Tuesday

14th Valentine’s Day

21st: Mother Language Day




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