Last week was Heritage Week in PETNS. We were lucky enough to have 2 visitors and had our own museum for the children to visit!


Catherine cultivated fantastic exploratory learning in her hands-on heritage session! The children investigated a range of objects including call cards, paraffin lamp, candle holders, ink well, ink bottles, fans, shaving jug, silver serving forks, a tea chest and a stamp box dating to 10, 20, 30, 100 and 200 years ago. They examined the materials the artefacts were made from; made predictions as to what they were used for, by whom and when and gasped with delighted when learning more about the items! The opportunity to handle domestic artefacts from a broad range of history was invaluable to the children’s understanding of history.

Ragnar son of Olaf (Iain) literally brought Viking history alive during his interactive, in-role heritage session! Through the direct teaching portion of the visit – the foundation was laid for the children’s understanding and learning about the topic of the Vikings. Building on this, Ragnar the viking paid a visit bringing the children on a wondrous journey through Viking history using story, facts, maps, artefacts and imagination. As the children handled the seemingly never-ending collection of Viking artefacts on display they became enthralled in the period, eliciting a much deeper learning than any textbook could muster!



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