HistoryDear Parents/Guardians,

As Powerstown Educate Together advocates hands-on active learning we are hoping to establish a History Handling Collection of items which might assist with our teaching and learning about the past.

 The handling collection will comprise artefacts – either real or replica – from a range of historical periods from wrought iron cooking pots to vinyl records from the 1960s. A ‘wish-list’ of possible items has been created by the teachers and is attached for your perusal, however we would also be interested in viewing any additional items which you think may be of benefit to the History curriculum.

 If you would like to donate any historical items to our handling collection, please note the ownership of the item will be transferred to the school and we have drawn up an agreement to this effect which we will be asking donors to sign.

 If you have any questions about donations for the handling collection, please don’t hesitate to contact me on aoife@powerstownet.com or arrange to speak with me after school.

 Kind regards,


Aoife McGonigle

History Curriculum Development Co-Ordinator


Handling Collection Wish List

Item Description Date
Butter Paddle Wooden Butter Paddle Pre-1950s
Washboard Wood and glass washboard Pre-1900s
Telephone Rotary dial telephone Pre-1990s
Vinyl Records Variety of records 1960s+
Cassette Tapes Variety of cassette tapes 1980s
CD Variety of CDs 1990s-2000s
Clothing Era- specific clothing eg: platforms Pre-1980s
Stool Three-legged wooden milking stool Pre-1960s
Cooking Pots Cast iron cooking pots and pans Pre-1960s
Oil Lamp Various style traditional oil lamp Pre-1960s
Photos/Postcards Historic photos and postcards eg John Hinde postcards Various
Medieval Castle Model of Medieval Castle Medieval
Maps Historic maps especially of Dublin 15 Any
Baby bottle Old glass baby bottle Pre-1970s
Toys Toys from the past spinning tops, yoyos, or wooden toys Any





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