One of the goals of our school improvement plan, is to encourage parents to get involved more in their child’s education! After discussion and consultation with staff, parents and pupils, we agreed that it would be very beneficial for the parents to know that their child is being taught!

We have decided to share our monthly thematic plans with parents, which details the content being covered in class for the month.

Plans are shared with parents/guardians via aladdin.

Plans are also accessible on our school website – under curriculum & your child’s class

We hope this will encourage;

  1. Parents to become more knowledgeable about their child’s education
  2. Parents to ask their children specific questions about what they are learning in school,
  3. Parents to get involved in classroom activities and field trips
  4. Parents to share their expertise with their child’s class
  5. Children to share facts, stories and poems they have learnt about a particular topic
  6. Families to communicate positively about learning activities in school.



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