From Thursday 13th of June until Wednesday 19th of June 2013 we are having ” Active Schools Week”.

The aims of Active Schools Week and Active Schools Programme is:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of physical education in primary schools.

  • To acknowledge the professional contribution of the class teacher as the driving force for physical education, physical activity and sport in the school.

  • To make explicit the teaching and learning opportunities afforded by PE.

  • To generate the sustained support of management, teachers, pupils, parents, National Governing Bodies (N.G.B.s), local sports partnerships and the H.S.E. during the course of Active School Week and in the promotion of Physical Education and co-curricular activities

  • To acknowledge the creativity, initiative and commitment of a school community in the promotion of a physically educated school population.

  • To promote values such as inclusivity, team work, fair play, tolerance, respect and volunteerism.To promote goals such as:

  1. the importance of enjoyment and play

  2. maximum participation by all children

  3. the development of skills and understanding

  4. a balance between competitive and non competitive activities

  5. a balance between contact and non contact activities

  6. opportunities for achievement for each child

  7. activities equally suitable for boys and girls.

We have a very busy timetable for Active Schools Week here in Powerstown ETNS.











Drop Everything and Dance

Sponsored Walk

10.30 am

I will look at map and have a copy for everyone

Parachute Activities

10 mins per class

Whole school Ship Sea Shore contest


Sports day

(quick dash around stations!)

Stations in yard at lunchtime

(Snr class to help)

Stations in yard at lunchtime

(Snr class to help)

Stations in yard at lunchtime

 (Snr class to help)

Stations in yard at lunchtime

 (Snr class to help)

Stations in yard at lunchtime

 (Snr class to help)

 Conga line around the school

Whole school


Penalties on Andy

Whole school

@ 12.30

Ash before lunch

Chestnut after lunch

Oak before home time

How many laps of bball court can they do in 5/10 mins

Cycle / Scooting activity

Student vs Staff


  • All day: Drop everything and Dance

  • 11.45am the Oak class will begin our running challenge, by running laps of the basketball court for 10mins. 80m a lap.

  • Oak class will help organise a few active stations for yard time. E.g. skipping, star jumps, hopping on one foot etc.

  • Whole school Conga Line around the building


  • 10.30am Sponsored Walk.

  • Penalty Shoot Out @ 12.30pm!


  • Parachute Activities, 10 mins per class

  • 9.30 am Chestnut class

9.45am Ash class

11.30 Oak class

  • 12.30   5 mins (10min if they are able) per class laps of basketball court…how many can they do?


  • Whole School Ship Sea Shore Competition (weather permitting)

  • Cycle / Scoot around the yard


  • Morning time: Mini sports Day for Junior classes (weather permitting).

  • Students Vs teachers match



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