Whole School Monthly SPHE You Can do it theme- Persistence

School wide focus on independence ties in nicely with this. Success comes from working on your own efforts.

Healthy Habits of Mind for the Month  –Giving Effort. “The harder you try the more successful you will be.” Being determined. Knowing that success comes from their own efforts, not from external factors e.g. luck.  Older kids- Recognise that to be successful in any endeavour , we have to sometimes to do things that are not easy or fun.  


Strand Strand Units YCDI- teaching Persistence Links and Integration- Resources

Myself and the wider world

Self identity

Developing Citzenship

Teaching Persistence through Discrete time- Behaviour Specific Feedback positive reinforcement

Teaching Persistence- see lesson plans in manual

National Spring Clean  (whole school)

  • YCDI manual-Persistence
  • YCDI puppets (Ash class-)
  • YCDI Class posters on Pete Persistence
  • YCDI colouring sheets for infants
  • YCDI song- Pete Persistence
  • YCDI teacher’s Manual.
  • YCDI glance cards (blue/purplish one )
  • Relevant Persistence Story audio books online
    • “Stuck” by Oliver Jeffers  (really good one- irish accents and illustrated well! )
    • Flight School by Lita Judge (infants to middle)
    • Amazing Grace
    • Clonrinda (infants to 3rd class)
    • The most magnificent things that stop motion
  • Sesame Street David Beckham -word of the day – Persistent  (any class, but senior classes may appreciate this link more!)




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