Board of Management Parent Nominees 2019-2023

We have compiled a list of all parents who have given their consent for nomination and election as parent nominee to our Board of Management for 2019 – 2023. 

We would now like to invite parents/guardians of children who are enrolled and have commenced attendance in the school to vote for their preferred candidates from this list for election to the board of management.

Voting is open on Monday 7th October from 8.30am – 10pm. Emails with voting form will be sent directly to your email via Aladdin at 8.30am on Monday 7th of October.

We must elect one male nominee and one female nominee.

Each parent/guardian voting shall have one, non-transferable vote for each panel.

The votes will be counted via Google forms.

The election will be determined on a plurality of votes (i.e. the first past the post system).

In the event of a tied vote between nominees, the election of the nominee(s) shall be determined by the drawing of lots.

The result of the ballot shall be notified to the parents and to the patron’s representative.


Male Nominees

Ian Mc Dermott

Proud father of 2 wonderful sons. In my spare time I love to play with my kids and find new fun experiences! I enjoy photography, reading and am an avid Manchester United fan. My eldest son is a pupil at PETNS and loves it! I am a senior manager in a call center and used to making decisions under pressure, whilst dealing with multiple parties. I hope to be able to bring my skills to help the school make the right decisions for the betterment of the school, our children’s education and their safety.

Piotr Majunka

My name is Piotr, I am a proud dad of two amazing kids out of which one attends PETNS. Living and working in Ireland for many years now. It would be great to be involved within the Board of Management and be able to help, assist and work on making our school even better for all of our kids.

Ivaylo Borisov

I am a marketing professional with consulting business in marketing. I am also a PhD candidate in NUI Galway. I have twin daughters in Powerstown Educate Together NS and would like to contribute to both the school’s development and children’s better education. Both my partner and I are having successful international professional careers and have been studying all around the world – Germany, UK, Bulgaria, USA, Ireland. We value good education and that is why we are in Ireland. As I have been managing a company for many years and have been consulting many different organizations, including educational institutions, on business and marketing communications, I believe I have unique capabilities and experience to contribute to the Powerstown Educate Together NS success.

Female Nominees

Anne-Marie O’Donnell

Mother of 3 kids, with my daughter attending Powerstown ETNS since August when we relocated from Donegal. I work in Cyber Security. And my daughter has settled well into an amazing school that has made her happy and feel welcome from day one.

Nikki Eagers

I am a mom if two beautiful children, Elliott and Evelyn. As Elliott has autism and Evelyn is typical, I have experience with, care and concern for the education and well-being for every child with any need. I work for Elavon Financial Services as a Vice President of Risk & Control and was a sitting Board Member of the Young Leadership Council in New Orleans for 5 years.

Aisling Sheils

My name is Aisling. I am a class rep. for Chestnut. I’m currently the owner/ operator of a family wellness centre where I teach baby massage, postnantal/ baby/ toddler/ kids yoga & facilitate a variety of family related classes & workshops. I’m also a kids/ teens counsellor but don’t practice. I now specialise in babies incl. prem babies & younger kids, both those with additional care needs & those without. I used to change career each decade but this one is the one. I ran a performing arts school, teaching all disciplines, directing & choreographing shows. I was a head gymnastics coach. And I have volunteered & worked with children with CHD & fatal illnesses for most of my life. I also fundraise regularly for a couple of charities. I’m an original E.T. baby, I attended the first North Dublin E.T. where my mum was principal for over 40 years, my first memory as a toddler is the older classes taking place in our living room while the prefabs were being built. I am still friends with my class mates from my E.T. school, some of whom I would consider my best friends over 25 years after leaving school. As we have just become part of this school’s community this year I think it would be lovely to be involved from the beginning of our time here, especially as the school grows. Thank you for your consideration!

Geraldine Penaud

I am a native French but have been living in Ireland for 15 years. I currently work as a Business Manager in an American Insurance company. I have 2 boys – Paul is our oldest and is in the Oak class. I am hoping to become a member of the Board of Management so that I can be more involved in the school.


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