communicating with teachersAll staff in the school try to actively and positively engage with parents and guardians throughout the school year. Parents are the primary educator of their child and we view their role as invaluable. We are a school that promotes respect throughout the school day. All staff speak with colleagues, pupils, parents and community members respectfully at all times, it is important that teachers are also communicated to with respect. 

8.20am – 2.10pm in Ann’s Office

Parents can call into the office from 8.20am to request a meeting with the class teacher. Our secretary Ann will then communicate with class teacher and contact you with an agreed time during the school day. 

8.30am in morning on yard.

Teachers are available for brief check-ins in the morning at 8.30am.

This time can be used for parents

  • to give brief, short messages to teachers (e.g. I have to collect my child early today, at 12.30pm, my child was not able to finish his homework etc)
  • to request a meeting at a suitable time with teacher to discuss an issue

 At 8.30am teachers are responsible for all the children in their classroom, and formal teaching is due to commence. Teachers are required to bring their children up to class promptly and begin lessons.  It is against school policy for teachers to meet with parents at this time. 

At home time (1.10pm / 2.10pm)

At home time teachers may need to speak with parents/guardians about issues that may have arisen during the school day.

Teachers may be free for meetings with parents, if parents request one. However, it is important to be aware that teachers may have scheduled other meetings or may have other appointments at your requested time. 

Teachers will always prioritise meetings with parents and will meet with you at the soonest possible time that is convenient for you both. 




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