We were honoured to have Evelyn Byrne from @findingcharliesvoice visit the school today. Her organisation “Finding Charlie’s Voice” generously donated 1 large outdoor communication board and 3 indoor communication posters to our school. 

These bilingual boards (English & Gaeilge) will be widely used by our pupils in the classroom and on yard. They will be a great support to our pupils who are learning English and our pupils with additional needs as well as being a great resource for Gaeilge. 

Thank you @findingcharliesvoice

Finding Charlie’s Voice was created to raise awareness and support for Verbal Dyspraxia, inspired by Charlie Byrne. Verbal Dyspraxia is a lifelong neurological speech sound disorder. For reasons that are largely unknown, the pathways between the brain and the mouth have not developed, so while many children and young adults with Verbal Dyspraxia will know what they want to say, what comes out is often different and in many cases unintelligible. Worldwide, this condition impacts between 1:1000 children. Communication is a basic human right and Finding Charlie’s Voice believes all children should be seen and heard. Both Charlie’s parents and sister are members of Lucan Harriers. Your support will ensure that these children and young adults will have a voice. Currently there is no charity in Ireland dedicated to this cause. Please join us to speak up for those that cannot.
Please come find us at Finding Charlie’s Voice on Facebook and Instagram



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