Dear Parents/Guardians

We have completed a brief video (Click here) and powerpoint  (attached below) explaining the “In Person Supplementary Support Programme”.

Who is Eligible?

1. All children in Holly, Hawthorn and Birch Classes

2. Pupils in mainstream classes who are accessing the highest level of support, i.e. School Support Plus. This includes pupils with ASD, Down Syndrome, sensory impairments and other disabilities who were identified for the Summer Provision Programme 2020.
3. Pupils identified by the school to be presenting with exceptional needs due to the current school closures

STEP 1: School led

If your child is eligible for the scheme, you will be contacted by the school.

We aim to contact all families and post forms out by Friday 12/2/2021. (Children in Holly, Hawthorn and Birch classes we will give you the forms in person on 22/2/2021)

STEP 2: Support Provided by Teachers/SNAs; Child Protection Procedures

•Parents/Guardians complete PART 2 of form. Your selected teacher/SNA must complete the TEACHER/SNA details in PART 2 of the form.

•Complete Appendix 1 and 2 prior to commencement of the programme

STEP 3: Provision of tuition / care support and funding

The timetable of teaching / care support should be completed as it occurs. When the programme (20 hrs) is complete, parents complete the Declaration in Section 3 and return the fully-completed form to the DES.

If you have any questions, please contact Cróna ( or Helena (

Stay safe




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