We are organising our Annual Fancy Dress Cake Sale which takes place from 1.10pm – 2.10pm on Friday, October 26th.

We need YOUR help to make this sociable fundraiser a success:

Everyone is encouraged to dress up. You can dress up as your favourite book character, movie character, cartoon character or Halloween character. The more original the costume the better! We would love to see some homemade costumes!

Everyone is encouraged to bake or bring in some delicious buns, cakes, deserts and refreshments for us to sell at the Cake Sale.

Everyone is encouraged to bring in some money to purchase some delicious treats. We are aiming to raise €635.42 to purchase Jaggo Blocks for the school.

[gview file=”https://www.powerstownet.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/cake_sale_advertising.pdf”]


Cake Sale Preparation:

If you can bake/bring some goodies into the school for the cake sale, please return form attached.  If you can help organise the room and/or manage tables at the cake sale please fill and return form below.

Organisation for the Day:

All children come to school in Fancy Dress.

Please drop food into school before 12.45pm on Friday 26th October.

PTA with staff will organise the Sycamore Room for Cake Sale.

Junior & Senior Infant children are collected as normal @1.10pm. Parents bring their children to the cake sale.

Senior Classes will help manage the tables at the cake sale.

All parents, guardians, friends and pupils are invited to come along to our Fancy Dress Cake Sale.

It should be a fun, sociable fundraiser for the school!



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