firesafetyweekFire Safety Week has been a huge success in our school over the past few years. It helps to create an awareness of the importance of fire safety in our homes, in our school and in the wider community. In school, the children get an opportunity to engage in various activities, relating to fire safety, during this week:

(a) They participate in a Fire drill – fire drills are carried out in our school once a term as part of our school Fire Safety policy.

(b) They become involved in various activities relating to fire safety in each classroom e.g. Visual Arts projects, creative writing, SPHE lessons, etc.

(c) They observe the school’s notice boards, which are beautifully decorated with a variety of posters and photos during Fire Safety Week.

(d) They meet Gardaí who talk to children about fire safety, especially around halloween.

(e) 4th – 6th Class attend a community workshop hosted by Dublin Bus, Dublin Fire Brigade, DSPCA and An Garda Síochana.

(f) This year we hope to meet firemen from the Dublin Fire Brigade. They learn about the life of a fireman and get to engage in a question and answer session with them.

(b) This year we hope to give children an opportunity to see and explore a fire truck, which visits the school.

Supporting Fire Safety Awareness at Home

Fire Prevention Week, is Sparky the Fire Dog’s favourite time of year.

Join Sparky the Fire Dog, and  learn all about smoke alarms and why it is so important to have them in every bedroom. On the special kids page, you’ll find activity sheets (like the ones below), videos, E-cards and more.

Or, you can download helpful safety tips sheets on smoke alarms, escape planning, safe battery storage and more.

 Beep Where You Sleep Checklist  Sparky's crack the code  Smoke alarm calendar

Visit Sparky’s page for these fun activity sheets, and much more. 



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