February is Heartful Month in PETNS.

A list of Anti-bullying , Mindful + Heartful lessons and activities are happening in our school. With our positivity programme in mind, this name focused on what we want to see happening in our school for the month. If we choose to do these activities we are giving our students the chance to have healthy habits of mind and create more caring environments for themselves.

The anti bullying lessons are still imperative to heartfulness month and will be taught. It is now about empowering kids to be kind to themselves and those around them , and cultivating a happy positive atmosphere.

We are developing lessons that support mind training, mental fitness training, resilience training, or brain training, or even a mental health and resilience programme that you are running with the guidance of  a psychotherapist

See some of our activities for the month below:





Mind Training Minute.

  • A short moment every day in class.  .

  • Use a chime bell or google Tibetan Singing bowl to recreate the same sound

  • The mindful moments work well anytime of the day, although coming in from big yard has proven to be a great time.

  • There is a rota  with suggested times that Maeve can take a class to teach the mindful minute and some activities you might like to do over the month.


Whole School Mindful Moment= “

Mind Training”

  • In week 3 and 4 a chime will be rang over the intercom at 12 35pm.  When they hear the chimes, the younger classes and teacher can take three deep breaths, or whatever mindful moment they have been practising in week 1 and 2.


Heartfulness =Kindness!

2nd week of February=

Random Acts of Kindness Week!

  • Mindfulness is nothing without heartfulness. Please choose an activity that incorporates kindness or heartfulness into daily life in your classroom.

  • its about doing something nice for someone without expecting anything in return.

  • RAK’ random acts of Kindness s week- 9th to 14th February


Compliments box

There is the school compliment box out in the corridor- nice lesson to write one and post one.  PLEASE USE IT!

Complimenting Others lesson outline-

Discuss with the students what it means to compliment others. Explain that when you give someone a real com- pliment you comment on their abilities or talents; telling a person that you like his shirt or her new backpack is nice, but an even nicer compliment is when you tell someone they are good at something.




There will be a kindness wreath displayed in the school- that kids can nominate others when they are kind and add their names to it using a ribbon. Its proven that kids feel better about themselves when they get the opportunity to engage in heartful activities!


Heartful Dojo Icon.

 Please add a heartful dojo for the times over the month you catch children being kind without expecting anything in return.(or giving meaningful compliments.)



Simple Songs or kindness Song for infants.

Kindness Boomerang for older children. (see blue writing below both would be good for Assembly)

Sing songs about kindness to the tune of familiar children’s songs.

o Peaceful Friends (to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)

o Be My Friend (to the tune of “London Bridge”) 

o Sharing (to the tune of “Row, row, row your boat”) We share all our toys

Taking turns and being fair.

o Let’s Be Kind (to the tune of “Frere Jacques”)

Kindness– A song for infants. Lyrics

there is a video here if you want to teach actions to match song.


2nd to 6th- Kindness boomerang. by Life Vest Inside.


Heartful Class display.

There will be a competition for best Class display. (based on any of the themes for the month. ) Trying to encourage promotion of kindness BUT could be on anti bullying,  resilience, self assertiveness etc.  Please see google drive Kindness Folder for inspiration here.


Circle Time- Heartful theme.

Classes will continue with circle sin class under theme





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