Heritage Week 2018 runs from 22nd to 26th January @PowerstownETNS.

All classes have a range of activities planned and we are eager to get parents/guardians involved. Please see a brief overview below and please keep an eye on class blogs and homework journals for parent invites to activities.

  • Mini Museum
    • Exhibition of real and replica artefacts, donations encouraged and will be returned unless you want to give them to the school for keeps!
    • Children can visit and handle (under supervision) all artefacts in the Mini Museum
    • If any parents/guardians/friemds have any artefacts they are willing to allow us to exhibit, we would be delighted!


  • Mystery Object
    • Images/examples of unusual artefacts will be on display
    • Children to guess what they think the artefact might have been used for/called; and when it might date to; etc


  • Reading Area
    • History books available for the children to read during Mini Museum visits etc


  • Historical Maps
    • Old maps of Ireland on display


  • Archaeologist Area
    • There will be an archaeologist area set up in the Mini Museum where children can try on archaeologist clothes (photo op!!); interact with trowel and tray; do a little stratigraphy task on the whiteboard
    • Soil will be added mid-week so they can scramble about to ‘excavate’ items


  • Guess the Baby
    • All staff kindly asked to bring in or forward a baby/childhood photo of themselves for display
    • Children can complete a worksheet to guess which adult matches each photo
    • Results will be revealed at assembly on the Friday


  • Grandparents/Older Person Day
    • Children are invited to encourage older people to come in for a visit – grandparents, neighbours, friends, etc
    • Younger classes can do a poem/song about grandparents and participate in heritage week games/activities.
    • Older classes encouraged to compile informal interview-style questions where they can have a chat with the older person about what it was like growing up when they were young compared to now.
    • Keep an eye on class blogs/notes home for date your child’s class!


  • Dino Day
    • Aimed at infant classes 
    • There will be a little Dino Area in the Mini-Museum.


  • Show & Tell
    • Children and parents are invited to bring along an artefact for show and tell. This can be historical/cultural/whatever
    • Keep an eye on classblogs/letters home for dates and timed for your child’s class.



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