All our pupils went home with Thursday 12th March with a “school pack.” Teachers have organised a range of activities that your child can complete at home. Work assigned to your child links in with the class work teachers had planned to do in school and/or is revision work. Your child should be familiar with all work assigned. Class teachers will continue to check in with you via the Class Blogs and Aladdin. They are working remotely, so if you have any queries or concerns please drop them an email.

We have also prepared a list of generic activities that we hope will be fun for you and your child(ren) to do together at home. There is no timeframe for these activities. They can be done at your discretion.

These are unprecedented times for our school community. Distance learning for primary school students is no easy task. We understand the demands of work and family on our parents. Therefore it is important to state work and projects assigned are not mandatory. The health and well being of you and your family is always our priority.

We do however want to keep the Powerstown community active and engaged! Our staff will have regular check-ins with you. We would love if you share pictures and videos of your activities with us! 

You can contact your child’s class teacher via email in relation to any class related activities or questions

Ann (our secretary) is accessible via for generic/admin queries.

Helena (principal) is accessible via for any other queries or concerns. 

Please stay safe and follow guidelines issued by HSE.  




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