Parents, we received some useful information from the Dental Health Foundation advising of the appropriate actions to take should a permanent tooth be knocked out. See below for further information:


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I am pleased to advise you of the free resource, Save That Tooth. This poster aims to provide advice to the public in an easy to follow step-by-step process on 1) the appropriate actions to take should a permanent tooth be knocked out and 2) the importance of seeking immediate professional advice from a dentist if a tooth is accidently damaged.

 Approximately one in 11 children in Ireland will have broken one or more of their permanent teeth before they reach the age of 15 years. Damage can range from a small chip off the enamel to a fracture. Occasionally the tooth can be displaced or, more rarely, knocked out completely. Traumatic injuries to teeth can be complicated to treat and can cause long term financial, aesthetic and functional problems.

 Accidents can happen to the teeth during normal everyday school activities, at playtime during PE or sports day. It is recommended that mouthguards or helmets with face shields are worn during organised contact sports to reduce the likelihood of fracturing a tooth.

 Save That Tooth is available in English agus as Gaeilge and can be downloaded in 

an A4 format, from the Dental Health Foundation website;

If you would like an A2 version of the poster please contact us at or on (01) 672 8870.

 For more free publications and resources please visit the Dental Health Foundation website, and link with us on Facebook for regular updates.

 Yours faithfully,

 Patricia Gilsenan O’Neill

Chief Executive






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