Intercultural Day is fast approaching. It is on Friday May 27th. Children are very busy completing projects and learning about different countries and cultures. To continue the success of Intercultural May, we need your assistance.

We are looking for parents to come into classes to help children learn more about the following countries.

Class Teacher Country
Chestnut Andy Brazil
Ash Aoife Democratic Republic of Congo
Oak Eoin Spain
Sycamore Elaine China
Maple Emma Pakistan
Hazel Stephen Italy
Lime Sheila Australia & New Zealand
Redwood Ann Maire The Middle East

You, as our parents contain a wealth of knowledge and experience about different countries, cultures, traditions, stories, songs and dances. The children and staff would greatly benefit from you sharing your expertise. You can arrange to go into the class at a time that is convenient for you. Class teachers will support you in any way they can (e.g. have a meeting with you beforehand, brainstorm with you what you are going to talk about, help you set up a display of photos etc.)


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