One of the ongoing priorities of our school community is to develop a Multicultural & Bi-Lingual Library  in the school. Fundraising initiatives will support this but parents and community members are key to making this a success. You may have some of the items we are looking for at home, or you may be able to pick up some items on your travels or holidays. 

We are looking for:

  • Children’s books in different languages
  • Bi-lingual books – books in English & another language
  • Books about different countries / cultures
  • Books about different religions

Bilingual/Dual Language Books

Bilingual or dual language books contain two languages, usually English and one other. They typically feature a double-page spread, with a page for each language – the layout of the book therefore allows both languages to enjoy equal prominence. Multilingual books feature two or more languages.

Why make bilingual/multilingual books?

  • Bilingual / Multilingual books contribute to children’s language awareness by helping children see the connections between languages – similarities and differences.
  • They enable children who are new to Irish schools to use their first language as an exciting way of engaging with the English language.
  • Bilingual / Multilingual books affirm children’s prior language and literacy learning, as well affirming their cultural identity.
  • The books enhance positive recognition of our growing cultural and linguistic diversity in Ireland.
  • These books are an excellent teaching and learning resource for the classroom which will be enjoyed by all children, not just those who are new to English.
  • Book-making introduces reading and writing at a very early stage of a child’s arrival in Ireland, which is an important means of building a child’s confidence in the new language.
  • Book-making projects gives children the opportunity to work together in pairs or small groups according to shared languages.
  • Children who are more recently arrived can benefit from the experience of children who have been living for a longer period of time in Ireland.
Click on the following link to see a book that was made in Canada by a group of Urdu speaking girls.
Parents must be encouraged to continue conversing with children in their first language at home as first language acquisition and proficiency is crucial in acquiring levels of proficiency in English.




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