RE_EThe NCCA consultation process for Education about Religions and Beliefs and Ethics (ERB and E) has just begun. Read the Consultation Paper and have your say.

“An important part of a child’s education involves learning about and understanding the lives, values and traditions of friends, classmates and members of the wider community. Much of this learning already takes place in Irish classrooms where a child’s sense of their own identity and belonging is nurtured and valued. To ensure that every child has the opportunity for such learning and to ensure that the good practices which already take place in schools are recognised, the NCCA are developing a curriculum in Education about Religions and Beliefs (ERB) and Ethics.

The consultation on the proposals for this new curriculum is now open and will continue into spring 2016. We will be engaging with a range of audiences including: teachers, schools, parents, children, educational partners, patrons, children’s advocacy groups and other members of the general public. Consultation materials designed to support engagement in the this process have been developed and are available below. We look forward to your contribution.”

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