We have been working hard behind the scenes recently to plan and develop a stretch of hedgerow along the boundary of our school grounds. This week saw this finally come to fruition with 200 trees being planted on our school grounds. Local landscaper, horticulturist and avid gardener Andrew Craigie lended us his expertise in helping us to develop a planting plan, choosing a varied and interesting mix of trees that will grow into a thick, healthy hedgerow in years to come. These trees also produce an array of flowers, nuts and berries which will support the fauna in our school environment. Some of the trees we planted include hawthorn, beech, elder, alder, oak, cherry, holly, honeysuckle, hazel, maple, birch, oak, currant, willow and many more. 

Huge thanks to Alex who operated heavy machinery to prepare the soil and dig out the areas for planting. Thanks as well to Helena and Cróna for their support and organisation of this big project. Lastly, sincere thanks to Louise, Rònàn, Diarmaid and Daniel who gave their time this week in the wind and rain to get these trees into the ground to start their growing journey. Our garden spaces wouldn’t be the asset they are without your help and support.

Looking forward, we’re excited to get started planting our raised beds for the summer ahead with a variety of fruits and vegetables. We are also very excited to start the construction of a pond in our garden where we’re hoping it will become a fantastic learning resource and a habitat for all kinds of insects and hopefully some frogs! 

We hope to have some ways for parents to get involved in our school garden again in the coming months so stay tuned for more updates. 



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