On Sunday the 2nd of February, Powerstown’s choir attended Peace Proms at the RDS Arena accompanied by parents and teachers. Our choir had the opportunity to sing and dance in front of a large audience alongside 2,500 other children from schools all around the country. It was an amazing opportunity to perform with a live orchestra ‘The Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland’. For many months, we practiced the selection of songs which included a ‘Disney Medley’, a ‘Pop Medley’, a ‘Queen Medley’, ‘A Million Dreams’ from the Greatest Showman’ and many more. One of the songs that stood out as representing the universal message of peace was the ‘Power of One’. Along with the choir and orchestra many solo performers gave amazing vocal performances and not to forget the dancers who performed a spectacular version of Riverdance. We had great fun and made some amazing memories. We look forward to finding out what the songs will be for next year and attending Peace Proms again!

A big shout out to Shauna and Hannah for all their hard work preparing the choir and travelling to the RDS on Sunday.

A huge congratualtions to all the children for participating. I hope you all enjoy your well earned homework pass!

Have a look below at some of the pics from the fantastic Peace Proms performance!!



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