Junior Einstein Science Club Demonstration from 1.10pm – 2.10pm this Friday, 11th October 2013. PARENTS WELCOME TO ATTEND to see what the club will involve.

Junior Einsteins Science Club teaches children core aspects of Biology, Chemistry & Physics through experiments, practical ‘make and do’, worksheets and instruction. The pupils take home parent handouts so their learning can continue at home. The ‘Junior Einsteins’ make a variety of pieces to proudly bring home such as a model glider, slime, instruments, rainbow glasses and  magic tricks!  We aim to correspond to and compliment the national curriculum for science.

Some examples of our clubs are; the principals of flight , ‘Hair raising’ electricity, making slime, how movies are made, Light, Wind, Sound, optical illusions, kite –making, lava lamps, chromatography,dinosaur dig, hovercrafts, Van der Graff generators, bug hunts, to name only a few.  At the moment Junior Einsteins Science Club can run for 6 consecutive school terms ( 2 years) without repeating a single topic!

Powerstown ETNS Junior Einsteins Club will:

  1. Provide classes on a Thursday starting 17th October.
  2. Make classes available to pupils in 1st – 5th class in the school
  3. Limit each class to 18 participants. (Please note that 8 pupils are required for the classes to go ahead.)
  4. Teach lessons for 60 minutes
  5. Charge just €8 per session


1st – 5th class will commence on a Thursday from 2:15 – 3:15pm.

How does my child sign up for Junior Einsteins?

  • Pupils are to be enrolled on a first come first served basis.
  • Each class is limited to 18 people. If there is demand a second class at each level can be added. (After 18 pupils for a class return the booking form, we start a waiting list. This waiting list is used if people drop out and/or is used to compile the next group of 18 pupils for the second class.
  • Parents must complete booking form and return to the school with a minimum of €20 deposit on or before Thursday 17th October. (Please see booking form below)


Mrs. Tracey-Jane Cassidy, the founder and senior science instructor has a degree in Natural Science from Trinity College, University of Dublin and a MSc in Medical Microbiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  With extensive experience working in the U.K for a company established 23 years ago to teach after-school science clubs, Mrs. Cassidy  brings excitement and passion to the learning of Science.  The Mother of three children with a disciplined approach and an attitude of positive reinforcement, means every child benefits from their time in science club.


All of our instructors are scientists with at least excellent degrees ( Trinity Colege, Dublin, U.C.D, Cambridge, England) and the majority are Msc or PHd. All of our instructors are Garda checked and insured.

Our Science club is always the most innovative, inspiring club in schools and are great value for money. Please take a look at some of the feedback about the club we have received from schools and parents:


My Granddad was a fighter pilot in WW2 . When we learnt how planes fly in science club and I showed him the plane I made he said he wished he could go to my science club too! –  Miles, Year 2 , St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School , Richmond , London.


I gave my slime to my Dad and told him about long-chain polymerisation . He brought the slime to his work lab in London . His friends who are scientists all played with it –  Anna, Queens School, Kew, London.


The enthusiasm of the instructor is excellent and does inspire the children- who have already had a long day. The topics also build on the work they covered in school. –Mr. Bendall ( science co -coordinator ) Grange Middle School, London.


Olivia loves coming to science club every week, is very interested and proudly gives us demos at home every week! – Mrs. Simms ( parent) Fairway Primary School, West London.


We commenced the Junior Einsteins Science Club in Sharavogue in September 2012.  From the very first class – the children were enthralled. There is a different theme each week which builds on science experiences that draw on children’s interests, letting children discover science concepts for themselves as they explore and learn.  It transcends all age groups and became the highlight of the week with the children.   We would highly recommend Tracey-Jane and her team at the Junior Einstein Science Club and all our junior scientists look forward to lots more experiments next year.

Gillian Dawson, Manager Sharavogue , Glenagery, County Dublin.

For more information on Junior Einsteins go Please contact us on 085 8641959  or at junioreinsteinsscienceclub@gmail.com. See their website www.junioreinsteinsscienceclub.com








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