We are super excited about our new building, which is on schedule to open for 2016/17 school year. We re-open in our new building on Monday, 29th of August @8.30am. The Department of Education has asked us if we would be agreeable to the Gaelscoil occupying our vacant rooms. We have kindly agreed to oblige as it means the site will be finished quicker. As tenants in the school the Gaelscoil’s use of our spare rooms should have no impact on us at PETNS. We look forward to this exciting chapter of PETNS!

Take a sneak peak of what the classrooms will look like below!







Note from Department of Education: The reason PETNS and Gaelscoil an Chuilinn were asked to share the new permanent building structure for PETNS, which is to be complete next month,is owing to the fact that there are works which would require to be done on the school building currently occupied by PETNS if the Gaelscoil were to relocate there in September which would not be economically viable on the grounds that the accommodation is to be demolished as part of the phase 2 project. This arrangement facilitates earlier demolition which allows for earlier completion of the 2ndschool destined for use of the Gaelscoil.



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