Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please see a few highlights below from PTA committee’s meeting this week:
– School lunches organising is at its final stage and  coming to PETNS soon.
– Traffic committee will have an update next week.
– Winter fundraising theme is SNOWFLAKES, details to follow in due course.
– Work started on a multinational cookbook and details will be shared soon.

As you are aware, online Parent Teacher meetings are taking place next week. Make sure you book it via Aladdin if haven’t done it already. It is a great opportunity to build up a rapport between you and teacher for actively participating in your child’s learning. Here are some tips from last year how you can make the most of the meeting.
1. You may want to ask your child if s/he wants you to discuss anything with the teacher privately.
2. Write a list of what you would like to ask/talk about.
3. Prioritise your questions to make sure there is time to discuss those that are most important for you.
4. Make notes of the meeting so you will remember what was said.

Don’t forget that school is closed tomorrow!

Hope you have a great weekend and please free to contact PTA or your class representative with any ideas or recommendations.



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