Dear Parents/Guardians,

The school Book Fair is now closed and it was a great success. An amazing opportunity for our children to look at a big variety of books and for lots of them it was also a good motivation to concentrate more on the homework associated with reading. We can’t wait to receive the extra books earned for the school library.

Thanks to everyone who had the time to collect trees from the Fingal Co Co event! The school now has more than 60 small trees to plant, an amazing addition to our outdoors.

The parents Gardening Club has it’s last session next Thursday before the break. It would be greatly appreciated if as many of you could attend as possible. There are a lot of things on the to-do list and it would be great to get as much done as possible this time of the year.

On behalf of the school community we would like to say THANK YOU to one of our parents who used the picker pal initiative to clean up the rubbish on the road beside the school. You were showing a really great example to everyone! 

The PTA would like to share more news about the difference our children are making. Please get in touch with your class representative if you want to share something with the school community.

Hope the children had lots of fun breaking the rules on April fool’s day! We can’t wait to hear what they came up with! Will share details next week.



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