Powerstown Educate Together N.S. places great emphasis on pupils being punctual to school, that’s why we are setting a ‘Goal for the year’ to be on time everyday! Lots of children have already been working hard on this goal and we are delighted to see people making the effort to be on time. 

Our expectation is that pupils arrive to school between 8.20am and 8.29am to the supervised assembly area in the yard (or Hall on wet days and Fit Fridays). Children are then received by class teachers at 8.30am and brought straight to class to commence work. 

Being late for school negatively impacts on your child’s learning, behaviour and enjoyment in school. When late, your child arrives to class upset, disorientated and disorganised. He/she  is embarrassed at interrupting the class, often requiring reassurance from staff, has missed his/her morning meeting and first instructions for the school day. Being late for school means your child is missing out on learning experiences, especially in areas of Numeracy, Literacy and Aistear that are often taught early in the school day!

Lack of punctuality has an impact on all other learners as it disrupts the class, and the teacher is required to give directions to late pupils, often console the late pupil and then recap on missing learning.  This reduces learning time for the rest of the class. 

Therefore those pupils who enter our building after 8.30am are deemed late. Children who arrive late must be signed into school by a responsible adult.

Lateness of children is recorded by class teacher.  If problem persists, parents will be asked to meet with class teacher. If punctuality continues to be a concern, parents/guardians will be asked to meet with principal and a plan will be drafted to address the area of punctuality.

Punctuality concerns are reported to the Educational Welfare services similar to attendance concerns (click here).

Please support us in ensuring your child arrives on time, and organised for the busy school day ahead.

Thank you.



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