Relationships and Sexuality Education

Relationships and Sexuality Education

Reminder to parents and guardians that in November each year all classes complete the Relationship and Sexuality Education Programme according to the guidelines laid out by the Department of Education for each class level.  The content of lessons is differentiated appropriately to the age group of each class.

Keep an eye on your child’s class blog for continued updates on the content being covered in each lesson prior to it being taught in school.  You can support the S.P.H.E. programme at home by encouraging and praising the efforts of your child, by communicating with them about their own growth, development, friendships, decisions and health and discussing the worksheets they bring home to you to be completed.

If you have any questions about this programme, please make an appointment to speak with your child’s class teacher.

Our RSE policy is also available to read on the school website at the following link:


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