fundraisingAt our last PTA meeting , parents, teacher representatives and Helena spoke about the school finances. Unfortunatley, as with most schools in the country, we are under-funded by the Department of Education and skills.

Our annual income from the Department of Education and Skills, is based on the amount of children in the school the previous year and all grants are paid per capita (i.e for the current school year (2013/2014) we are given per capita rates based on the amount of children in the school for 2012/2103 school year).

Based on these figures, the approximate grants we will receive from the Department of Education and Skills is laid out below:

Date Income Amount Total
January 2014: Capitation Grant €7,394  
March 2014: Ancillary Grant €8,967.00
April 2014: Standardised testing grant €311.00
May 2014: Book Grant €660
June 2014: Capitation Grant €3,344



As with any school and or building we have some basic overheads that must be paid out every month. Please see below basic list of overheads.


September 2013 to June 2014 Expenditure
Monthly estimate ESB 270  
Gas 220
Phone & Internet 170
Insurance 160
Teaching supplies 200
Secretary Wages 1120
Resources 200
Bins 20
Photocopier 120.95
Rent a kill 24
Cleaning 588
Library software 143
Water charges 133
Employers PRSI 44.21
Total Monthly Cost 3413.16
September 2013 to June 2014 Total (BASIC) Expenditure 34131.61
July 2014 and August 2014
Summer ESB 40  
Gas 20
Phone & Internet 150
Water charges 133
Total Monthly Cost 343
July 2014 and August 2014 Total (BASIC) Expenditure 686


Unfortunately, this leave us with a significant shortfall.

BALANCE -14141.61


Therefore we need to fundraise to meet our over-heads and to continue to resource the school. We also need to fundraise to ensure we can pay for any repairs that may be needed in the school and to ensure our heating and alarm systems are serviced regularly. We have numerous fundraising initiatives planned for the forthcoming year (see below). If you have any other ideas, please speak to Ann (Secretary) in the office, Helena (Principal) or Katie (PTA Teacher Representative)

  • Clothing Collection – Friday 8th November, January date to be confirmed, May date to be confrimed.
  • Pyjama Day – November 25th  
  • Winter Fair – Dec 8th
  • Winter singing: Dec 11th – Superquinn, 17th Blanchardstown SC (To be confirmed)
  • Sportathon – 24th January
  • Readathon –  17th Feb – 7th March
  • Green Day – 14th March
  • Whole School Performance – 3rd April
  • Open Day – 10th May (only charge for face painting and accept donations)
  • Mad Hair Day – 23rd May
  • Sponsored Walk – 13th June
  • Cinema Nights –  December, April, June – Dates to be confirmed (TBC)
  • School Disco – To be confirmed
  • 5km/10km run – TBC

If you know of any company who gives grants to schools and/or sponsors schools or events please let us know. As a school, if we receive donations, companies are entitled to tax relief. We have alos applied for our chiruty number which we should have shortly.



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