Shout out to Holly & Hawthorn Team

Shout out to Holly & Hawthorn Team

A big shout out to the amazing moms, dads, boys, girls, teachers and assistants in the Holly & Hawthorn Class. 

They have been doing FANTASTIC work at home. We absolutely love seeing the pictures and videos of you all!

Parents, we know it is tough and we want you to know you are doing BRILLIANT! Teaching is never meant to be done in front of a computer. Teaching is not meant to be done by parents who are working full time from home, while cooking, cleaning, shopping, tidying, refereeing between siblings, gardening, DIYing and being a maintenance person. 

Please take a step back, and give yourself credit for doing an amazing job!

Thank you for supporting us, support your child.

Please keep communicating with us, to make sure school work does not become stressful in your home. 

Take care and stay safe



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