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We are all super excited about our Sport’s Day, this Wednesday June 22nd.

All children must come to school wearing their tracksuits and runners. Please pack plenty of water and  healthy energising snacks for lunch breaks!

Due to our limited space we have split our sports day over two grounds. Infants and 1st class will remain here @PETNS. 2nd – 6th class will walk over to the pitch on Church Road. 


2nd to 6th class will be participating in Sports’ Day Activities on the pitch on the Church Road (at the Roundabout, accessible opposite the graveyard). 

  9:15-10:00 10:15-11:00 11:00- 11:45
2nd Class Athletics Football Rounders
3rd Class Football Rounders Athletics
4th-6th Class Rounders Athletics Football


Junior Infants – first class will be participating in Sports’ Day Activities on the school grounds. (here at PETNS)

  9:15-9:50 9:50- 10:25 10:40-11:15 11:15- 12:50
Chestnut and Ash Class PlaygroundGames GAA Athletics Dancing
Sycamore Class GAA Athletics Dancing PlaygroundGames
Oak Class Athletics Dancing PlaygroundGames GAA
Maple Class Dancing PlaygroundGames GAA Athletics


Parents and guardians are welcome to come along!



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