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It has come to our attention that, a child in the community was approached by an adult in Tyrrelstown. Another incident occurred in Mulhuddart, whereby a child was asked to hand over their bike.

Both children responded appropriately and were thankfully unharmed.

The incidents were taken seriously and reported to Gardaí. The childrens’ school is working with Gardaí in relation to the incidents.

In response to this incident, teachers are re-visiting the appropriate Stay Safe lessons.

It would be much appreciated if you could reinforce the stay safe rule “Never to go anywhere with a stranger or take anything from a stranger.”

Appropriate response to teach child would be “Say No! Get Away! Tell someone!”

For more information about Stay Safe Programme and the topic “Strangers” please see below or go to the website (CLICK HERE)

stay safe website

The Stay Safe programme is a personal safety skills programme designed for use with primary school children from Junior Infants through to 6th class. The programme seeks to enhance children’s self-protective skills by participation in lessons on safe and unsafe situations, bullying, inappropriate touch, secrets, telling and stranger danger.

The programme aims to give children the skills necessary to enable them to recognise and resist abuse/victimisation and teaches them that they should always tell (an adult that can help) about any situation which they find unsafe, upsetting, threatening, dangerous or abusive.

As part of this programme we are currently covering the topic of strangers.



In this section children learn . . .

  • That a stranger is anyone they don’t know
  • That most strangers are nice people
  • Never to go anywhere with a stranger or take anything from a stranger.

Suggestions for Parents/Guardians

Discuss with your child the meaning of the word ‘stranger’. It’s important to stress that most strangers are nice people and that we sometimes rely on strangers in times of trouble but that, at the same time, there are rules children should always use with strangers.

Ask your child what he or she would do in different situations with strangers, such as if a stranger asks your child for directions or offers your child a lift. Stress that it’s not rude to refuse to talk to strangers if your child feels unsafe. Discuss with your child the general rules: say ‘No’ – get away and tell.

For more information go to the website:




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