student of the weekCongratulations to our Students of the Week for week ending 2/12/2016.












Class Student Reason for award
Chestnut Daneen For excellent participation in English stations and remembering her Jolly Phonics Sounds
Ash Nicoletta She has been working very hard in English stations, lining up nicely and being kind to her friends.
Oak Viswa he has worked very hard this week, especially in Gaeilge and he has been making a good effort to remember and follow the classroom rules.
Sycamore Sofia She always produces work of a very high standard and produced some carefully written sentences and beautifully drawn art work this week
Rose Iqra for excellent listening skills and for always being polite and mannerly to her classmates. Good job Iqra!
Willow Matteo Pandalache For excellent participation during maths stations. Matteo put his quiet hand up, thinking carefully and explaining his answers clearly. Well done Matteo!
Birch Sebastian for using such polite manners representing the school on the class trip to the supermarket
Hazel Talia for making a huge effort in all of her comprehension work! She has fantastic neat writing! Well done Talia!
Lime Erik For being super polite over the past few weeks and showing excellent manners. Erik was a great listener and helper this week in the classroom. Well done Erik!
Redwood Benjamin For working really hard when learning how to use the different tenses 4th class are working on.



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