student of the weekCongratulations to our students of the week for week ending 25th of November 2016

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Class Student Reason for award
Chestnut Yani For excellent work in P.E and trying all new kinds of fruit and vegetables from Food Dudes.
Ash Lena for always working hard, trying her best and being kind and respectful
Oak Sarah Sarah has worked very hard this week, especially when spelling her Tricky words and using her number knowledge in maths.Sarah is following the teacher’s instructions and trying her best.
Rose Nicola for always being kind and helpful in class and for always participating positively, especially in maths and English.
Willow Paris Omokhudu For being such an excellent role model during our food dude lessons. Paris encouraged others to try the food and had such a positive attitude
Birch Matias for being so resilient and persistent trying different foods in the Food Dudes lessons – well done for trying something new!
Hazel Leo for making an enormus effort to eat more fruit and veg this week! He’s a real FOOD DUDE!
Lime Kyle for doing fantastic work in his English & Irish copies with neat handwriting & presentation. He was a responsible line leader & set a great example too- well done Kyle!
Redwood Zakariye For using a thesaurus to find lots of new words to use in his narrative writing!
Rowan Abigail she showed great creativity at the eHealth exhibition this week, using Minecraft and asking great questions at the exhibition stands.



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