For the past 3 weeks Alder class have been completing a unit of work in Science and Geography on weather forecasting and world climates. We looked at how the climate of an area influences the weather conditions on a local basis. We discovered that due to our location, exposed to the Atlantic ocean we have a cool temperate climate with lots of rain and warm moisture carrying wind blowing from the south west predominantly. 
We learned that though the wind can change direction, changing the weather condition depending on where it comes from, we usually have a warm wind carrying lots of rain from the Atlantic. 
We learned that this influences human activity on our island too – farming being one of the industries most affected by the weather. We linked our weather knowledge to our knowledge of soil and found that where there is most rain in Ireland (Galway and Kerry) farming mostly consists of sheep rearing due to their ability to survive and thrive on poor quality land. We discovered that the drier parts of Ireland, with sandier soils are more suited to market gardening. 
Each day we have been going out making use of the school weather station to collect the following data: temperature, rain fall, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure and humidity. We have also looked at cloud cover, measured using oktas, and cloud type. This data has informed our weather predictions and observations. We also made our own anemometers using cups, straws and pencils – they worked really well and managed to catch wind even on a calm day!



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