In the Redwood class we have really been enjoying book week and the every child’s a reader programme. We have got to visit the pop up library, go to the book fair and buy new books and stationary, engage in author workshops and create a monster doodle which was part of a whole school collaborative art project. We are really enjoying the pop-up library, with endless amounts of new books and large bean-bags to relax and enjoy ourselves during reading. We wish it could stay forever! Here are some pictures of us engaging in activities for book week 🙂 

We have chosen France for our country for Intercultural May. We are so excited to learn lots about France over the next month. We have started our projects on many aspects of France; Culture, Food, Language, Infrastructure, Places etc. We also have been learning about French artists; Monet & Matisse. Today we did some shape art inspired by the work of Henri Matisse. 



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