welcomebackWelcome back to all our pupils, families and friends. We hope you all had a fantastic summer and enjoyed the break.

We are delighted to have you all back for the exciting and busy school year in our permanent building!

We are delighted to introduce our staff members, both old and new to you;

Chestnut Class (Junior Infants): Andy, Lorraine

Ash Class (Junior Infants): Ann Marie, Ildi

Support teacher: Cróna

Oak Class (Senior Infants): Grainne

Sycamore Class (Senior Infants): Elaine

Support teacher: Linzi

Rose Class (1st): James, Anna

Willow Class (1st): Róisin, Theresa

Support Teacher: Maeve

Hazel Class (2nd): Stephen, Deirdre

Lime Class (3rd): Siobhan

Support teacher: Mike

Redwood Class (4th): Eoin, Sharon

Rowan Class (5th & 6th): Luke

Support teacher: Anita

Principal: Helena

Secretary: Ann

Caretaker: Virgil





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