Today we held our first committee meeting of the new school year. Well done to our new elected members who ran successful campaigns in the classrooms!

The new members came to the meeting with great energy and some amazing ideas ready to kick off an active year in Powerstown!!

We discuss ways to reduce sedentary time in the school day and agreed that every class should be doing at least one just dance or go noodle a day. We also came up with the name ‘1K a Day’ for our whole school lap running initiative. Classes are going to start the day or run laps after break times to get active! In class our committee members are responsible for ensuring that we adhere to our plan and also complete our 200 a month challenge!! This week each class has to try to complete 200 lunges before the month ends!!

Our final discussion topic was to start planning an active fundraiser for inclusive yard/PE equipment! Keep your eyes peeled for more info coming soon!

Thanks for reading,

The Active Committee.



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