ash class The Ash Class have had a very busy term. Here are some of the highlights. To find out more, please follow the class blog here. 

  • Today we wrote a Winter Poem! The Ash Class worked together and wrote an amazing poem all about their senses and winter – we think we did a great job!
  • Today we joined up with the Chestnut class for a fantastically fun art lesson where we made penguins from simple materials found at home! We worked really hard and had lots of patience but we think it was worth the effort! 
  • We learned all about the story of Hanukkah – a special event celebrated by people of the Jewish faith. 
  • We are very excited about our new school and are so lucky that we get to watch it being built right in front of our eyes! We love to check on the progress the construction workers are making each morning. 
  • A lovely fresh sheet on our writing table. It’s so important we practice writing our letters numbers as much as we can! 
  • We were so lucky to have a very special visit from Ciarán Kilkenny from the Dublin Senior Football team and the Sam Maguire! We waved the Dublin flags we made and all wore blue and/or Dublin jerseys and had lots of fun! 
  • Today we marked Universal Children’s Day. During assembly we discussed and shared our favourite things about being a child – playing with toys/electronic games, playing with our friends, brothers and sisters, watching tv, not having to do the washing up, going to school and lots more! We realised that we are very lucky to have all these wonderful things, especially as many children around the world aren’t as lucky as we are. We also talked about things we think grown-ups have to do – go to work, do the dishes, do the shopping, not playing, etc. Then we considered whether grown-ups like to do the same fun things children so and we watched a very video about adults doing silly things, it was very funny!  The Ash Class performed a lovely poem about growing up and then we celebrated this special day with a mini-disco! 
  • As part of Aistear this week, we created jewellery, headbands and even beards by threading coloured pasta! This is a simple activity which covers lots of curricular areas – fine motor skills development (English – Writing; P.E.), colours (Science – Light; Gaeilge – dathanna), extending patterns (Maths – Algebra) and ordering (History – sequencing)!! Why not try it out at home? I dyed the penne pasta shapes by soaking it in a mixture of gel food colouring and white vinegar and leaving them to dry on a cooling rack!
  • The bad weather doesn’t stop us from getting our P.E. allocation in! Here we are having fun balancing beanbags on our heads!



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