student of the weekA big congratulations to all the children who were awarded Student of Week on Friday 14th of October 2016 in assembly.

Junior Assembly Students’  of the Week Senior Assembly Students’ of the Week






Class Student Reason for award
Chestnut Jan For following the school rules and playing nicely with others
Ash Samantha
Oak Enzo For participating well in class, by listening, sitting nicely and giving nice answers with a quiet hand up. He is making the right choices!
Sycamore Lola For being very organised all week- she uses her time well and is always first to be ready for yard!
Rose Anvi For being amazing at showing 5, always putting her hand up, sitting comfortably, using her listening ears and sharing with her classmates.
Willow Chidi For showing excellent participation during our learn together lessons. Chidi has been thinking of lots of ways we can be a great green school. He made a beautiful poster all about saving water too. Well done Chidi!
Birch Togii For settling in so well to his new cass; following the classroom rules and being confident at speaking in front of others.
Hazel Seun For Making a terrific effort in all that she does – she is trying hard to learn all of her facts about squirrels! Well Done Seun
Lime Anisa For always making an effort to present her work neatly and trying her very best all the time. She is a fantastic listener and loves to help others. Well done Anisa!
Redwood Alexandra for always trying her best and never rushing her work just to get it finished.
Rowan Daniela For working very hard in station teaching, as well as helping others tidying up. Also, she has done so well over the past 7 weeks learning in a new school in a new country. Well done Daniela!



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