No two people in the whole world are exactly the same. Each of us is unique and brilliant in our own way!

This week we held a ‘Rock Your Socks’ event to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Day. By wearing unique, brightly coloured socks, we showed how much we love and value diversity. We wanted to show that although people with Down Syndrome may look or act a little different than us, we are ALL different and those differences are WONDERFUL! 

In class, the children learned some new facts about Down Syndrome. Did you know…. people typically have 2 pairs of 23 chromosomes but people with Down Syndrome have 2 pairs of 22 chromosomes and 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. That is why Down Syndrome Awareness day is celebrated on the 21st March each year! 

Sometimes people with Down Syndrome use a gestural sign language called Lámh (meaning ‘hand’ in Irish) to communicate. Check out the video from our 5th class to learn some words in Lámh! 



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