We are having our first annual “Music Week” from Monday 28th January – Friday 1st February2013.

Parents in the Classroom

We would like to invite parents, guardians and friends from international descent to come into class and introduce some traditional music to the children. This can involve teaching or demonstrating a song or dance to the children, or simply getting children to listen to traditional music on a CD!

It is a fantastic opportunity for children to get exposed to a variety of different music and cultures.

We need your support to make this week a success.

Nature Drumming Workshop

On Tuesday 29th January we are hosting Nature Drumming Workshops with Neil Dowling. Each class will participate in an individual workshop.

The workshops are designed to complement the music curriculum:

  • listening and responding

  • performing

  • composing

The aim is to give pupils an accessible and enjoyable experience of music making. The workshops are designed to encourage a sense of confidence in music irrespective of previous experience. My attitude is always one of complete encouragement allowing the pupils an opportunity to express themselves, discover music and feel confident in their ability to do it.

The emphasis is on creativity, teamwork, listening and having fun!

The instruments used are different drums and percussion instruments from around the world. There will be opportunities during the workshop to swap around and try out different ones. Pupils will learn about working together as an ensemble as well as learning to play and compose rhythms. Full participation is guaranteed with an instrument for everyone.

The workshop is more than a drumming class, it is a complete musical experience!

Up to six sessions can be done in a full day with up to 35 participants in each. The timetable for the day can be arranged to suit your needs and session times can vary depending on class age and number of sessions in the day; this can be discussed with you when booking.

The workshops are suitable for all ages from junior infants upwards

X factor Style Concert

To celebrate “Music Week” we will also be holding an X Factor Style concert on Friday, 1st February. The time of concert will be confirmed closer to the date.

All of the children are encouraged to perform on the day.

The children can choose to either sing or dance, individually or as part of a group.

The performance must be organised and rehearsed by the students themselves at home

 Parents are welcome to attend the show. 





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