The weather was not on our side today for our planned Maths Trails! We were hoping to use our Forest School etc for some maths trail but it was not to be! Instead we continued the Maths Week fun indoors! Here are some highlights!

Chestnut Class

Chestnut Class played some fun maths games at our tables and made numbers with lots of different materials! We had to be creative and problem solve!

Hornbeam Class

Today the Hornbeam Class went on a shape hunt around our school!

Holly Class

Holly Class stuck with our Maths Trail plan but did an indoor one!

Hazel Class – Maths for Fun!

Sycamore Class – Maths for Fun!

Laurel Class

Laurel Class did some work with out IZAK9 cubes today. They also did a Figure Me Out game using Maths calculations to learn more about our friends!

Beech Class

Beech Class did some Maths Art today by making tessellation art!



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